Saturday, 28 April 2012


BERS✔H 3.0
Saturday 28 April 2012, 2pm
Around Dataran Merdeka
All Rakyat Malaysia Are Invited

What is Bersih?
BERSIH started out as the Joint Action Committee for Electoral Reform, which was formed in July 2005, and the coalition’s objective was to push for a thorough reform of the electoral process in Malaysia.

1. Clean the electoral roll 
2. Reform postal ballot 
3. Use of indelible ink 
4. Minimum 21 days campaign period 
5. Free and fair access to media 
6. Strengthen public institutions 
7. Stop corruption 
8. Stop dirty politics
Bersih 3.0

Stop Malaysia Election from corruption and dirty trick.Have a Fair and BERS✔H Election.
For a better Malaysia

 Sabtu , 28 April 2012
 Hari Bersih Sedunia.Mari Raikan bersama.
 Apa yg anda boleh lakukan? 
 -Bersihkan Pakaian
 -Bersihkan Bilik
 -Bersihkan Loker anda
 -Bersihkan Moto&Kereta
 -Bersihkan Kati
l -Bersihkan Sekitar Rumah
 -Bersihkan Hati anda
 -BERS✔Hkan Pilihanraya Malaysia
 Jadikan apa yg kotor bersih..anda mampu mengubahkan :) 

Info for BERS✔H People:
Gathering points:
  1. Pasar Seni: start: 13:30
  2. Masjid Negara : start: 13:30
  3. Jalan Sultan : start: 13:30
  4. Masjid India : start: 13:30
  5. Brickfields, start: 12:30
  6. KLCC - Himpunan Hijau, start: 12:00
 For Muslim do this as well,

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Real Madrid vs Barcelona -Sami Khedira Goal

Real Madrid 1-0 Barcelona -Sami Khedira Goal Video


See something delicious and be happy :)

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Firefly Squid

SubhanAllah!. What a very beautiful moment. This is the phenomena in Toyama, Japan.The blue lights on the sea coast are the glowing firefly squid. Each tentacle has an organ called a photophore, which produces light. When flashed, these lights attract small fish, on which the squid can then feed.
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