Thursday, 8 November 2012

KAEDLive! 2012

Now, i would like to continue my post about KAEDLive at IIUM. This time is about KAEDLive! 2012, a show or concert with an aim to help raise fund for charity. The charity is for Rohingya and Palestine people. KAEDLive! 2012 features an energetic yet great local musicians such as Hujan, Monoloque, Bittersweet, SSK, The Rebel Scum, Figure of Speech and Wani Ardy.

KAEDLive! 2012 start will the recitation of a few verses from Al-Quran.
The opening band is Bittersweet. Their music are awesome and a very good live performance from Bittersweet. They sing a couple of songs such as 1234 from their newest album Empire's Transition.

Bittersweet, SSK and Wani Ardy

Then, the event proceed with Shinji Moriwaki or known as Figure of Speech to perform. He is a great dude. He is rapping with poetry words. The lyrics are all meaningful. Next is time for Monoloque to have the stage. Monoloque sing their hit songs, tiada kata secantik bahasa, batu belah batu konkrit and their newest song called bila buka mata. After that, SSK take place. SSK sing  bintang rap tanah malaysia (RTM). They also brought with them, mira Tilu and sing a song,Tenang Sayang.

The Rebel Scum, the MC and Monoloque

Wani Ardy is the next local act to perform. Wani Ardy is wearing a batik sarong, very nice. She and The Guitar Polygamy perform a few songs which i rate peaceful yet very good to hear. Later, time for The Rebel Scum to show their music. Quite a good songs.


For the Finale act, the moment that have been waiting for, performance from HUJAN. I personally really had a great night that day. Hujan sing about 7-8 songs for raingers that night. They play their popular and bring back memories songs such as Aku Scandal, Kotak Hati, Rantai Rasa Cinta, and Kembara.The last song for the day is a special song because it compose of 3 songs which are Pagi yang Gelap, mencintaimu and Kuala Lumpur. Thanks to all KAEDLive! 2012 committee and UIA for this awesome show :)

'BURUH' KAEDLive 2012

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