Saturday, 24 September 2016

The difference make it better.

Hello, konnichiwa guys and girls.

For this charming day, I would like to talk about books, more specifically about novels. Malaysian and most of the people  love romantic novels. With all the sweet scenes and nicely writing story plot that make people just like it. However, for me personally there are two typical type of romantic novels, it is either sweet+bad or sweet+good. The difference make it better.

What I really mean is the combination on making the novels. A novels can be writen in a triumphantly way but have a few bad or should i call it an inappropriate scenes. The scenes mostly been add for commercial purposes or as an added ingredients. Maybe for others it is not a big deal but I believe that what we see, hear and read do become part of us.

As a counter combination to sweet+bad is sweet+good. Sweet can be express in a better and nicer way. Love and romantic is more than just all that bad things. All those sweet and happily crafted story together with a good essence in it. I just hope for more novels like that. InsyaAllah it  will make us a better person.

#Random thought

My english is not that good, need to watch Oh My English! more.

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