Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Centre for Foundation Studies,International Islamic University Malaysia



The objective of the Centre for Foundation Studies is to prepare candidates for admission into the bachelors degree programmes of the university. The philosophy of the International Islamic University Malaysia, which forms the basis of the centre, is applicable to all foundation programmes. Hence, students are subject to the requirements laid down by the university with respect to the implementation of the islamic principles of education, values and way of life that require the integration of islamic worldview and islamic code of conduct.


Inspired by the worldview of Tawhid and the Islamic philosophy of the unity of knowledge as well as its concept of holistic education,

IIUM aims to become an international centre of educational excellence which:

  • revitalizes the intellectual dynamism of Islam and the Ummah;
  • integrates Islamic revealed knowledge and values;
  • seeks to restore a leading and progressive role for the Muslim Ummah in all branches of knowledge



  • Islamic revealed knowledge, perspectives and values in all disciplines
  • Faith (iman), knowledge ('ilm), and good conduct (akhlaq)
  • Malaysian and non-Malaysian students and staff
  • Religious wisdom and contemporary technology
  • Transcendental values and modernity


  • The aspects of social sciences, humanities and professional disciplines inherited from secular Western civilisation
  • Intellectual products of human reason divorced from revealed values and contrary to the teachings or perspectives of Islam
  • The personality and character of
  • scholars and knowledge workers


  • Standards in teaching, evaluation, research, publication and academic activities
  • Quality of intellectual profile and discourse
  • The use of English and Arabic
  • The University's character and population
  • The international network of higher Islamic educational institutions and IIUM alumni


  • Physical, intellectual, moral, spiritual and social dimensions
  • Benchmarking with the best practices or models, in the East or in the West
IIICE ("Triple ICE")
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