Sunday, 27 November 2011

Demba Ba Another Muslim Player In EPL

Demba Ba

Name : Demba Ba
Age : 26
Born : French-born Senegalese footballer
Position : Striker
Current Club: Newcastle United
Number : 19
National Team: Senegal

Words from Demba Ba 
“Sometimes it [fasting] doesn’t affect you at all,” said Ba. “Sometimes you start feeling a bit tired. But it is not something that is new to me — I have been doing this for a long time.

“It is something that is very important to me. My faith is where I get my confidence and energy from. I will not quit doing this because I can’t.”

Demba Ba Celebrate Goal With 'Sujud Syukur'


  1. tak tahu plak dia ni Muslim..

    patut la kelab setan kalah.. haha..

  2. aritu tgk syria dengan bahrain bila gol je terus buat sujud syukur. orang kita kalau gol buat apa? terlompat2 jer..huhuhu

  3. oh..taktau pulak..thanks for sharing..:P

  4. You just got to love the Smiling Assassin. He is on top form, but never do you see arrogance from this guy. You gotta love the Smiling Assassin, Newcastle #19.

    Wimba, we LOVE you.

  5. Allahou Akbar! May He increases you in hidaya and success in dunya and akhir.


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