Saturday, 3 January 2009

Sony Ericsson W350

This is my first self Phone..

Sony Ericsson W350
Price:Rm495=Se w350,charge,earphone,usb,crytal case and 1 gb..


Sony Ericsson W350/W350i Walkman phone – Simple to use, stylish to carry
* Unique style – 10mm slim Walkman phone with a unique flip design
* Walkman on Top – navigate your music collection from simple keys on the phone’s front
* Fun music features – name a song with TrackIDTM
* Bluetooth Stereo Streaming–for wirefree music listening

A style statement You’ll draw admiring glances when you take the W350 out of your pocket or bag. At just 10 mm thin, it is sleek enough to fit comfortably with no bulges into your pocket or purse. Its unique flip covers the keypad for a minimalist look. Available in trendy colours including Electric Black with orange accents, the phone is a classy yet modern statement that is never out of place whether at a music gig or a football match.

True Walkman player experience The W350’s Walkman player can easily be accessed and operated even without opening its flip cover. With Walkman on Top, key MP3 functions including Play, Pause and Scroll are outside the phone’s flip cover so you can use it just like you would a standalone MP3 player.

The W350 makes it straightforward to transfer music onto your phone. Whether your favourite tracks are on a CD or on your computer, all you need to do with the phone’s intuitive Media Manager software is drag your tracks from your computer onto your phone via a USB cable. You can store up to 470 tracks* or 40 entire albums* and, once your music is onto your phone, it’s also easy to navigate around it with the Walkman player.
Never miss a beat
You’re at the bar, and a song plays that you used to love... but you just can’t place it! Sounds familiar? We’ve all experienced this, and thanks to TrackID TM, it need never happen again. Just record a few seconds of the song into the phone’s microphone (or tag it from the built-in radio) and use TrackIDTM to identify it. The phone provides you with the name of the song, the artist, and even the album so that you can download it and enjoy it again and again.

Stay tuned without wires
You don’t need to hold the phone in your hand to get the best out of the W350. With the Bluetooth Headset HBH-DS205, you can stream the music on your phone wirelessly to your ears! Your phone can be in your bag and you can still listen to the music, see which song is playing and take calls.

The W350i is an EDGE 900/1800/1900 phone that will be available in selected markets from Q2 2008. The W350a is an EGDE 850/1800/1900 phone for the Americas that will also be available from Q2 2008.

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