Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Suatu Perkongsian

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Hai..Hai..Hai..Hari ini aku nak kongsi tentang musik..

Kenal tak band pesawat?Ala yang popular dengan lagu mirage tu.Lama dah tak jenguk industri indie.rindu pun ada.Dulu masa form 3 layan indie je.

Ok.Aku nak kongsi lagi satu lagu.Lagu dari Yui bertajuk Your Heaven.Yui ni aku baru je kenal dia.First aku dengar dia punya lagu terus cair..hehe.
Memang best.

Your Heaven Lyrics

Long time ago
I saw in a picture
in a town continuing with red roofs
la la la la
I felt that i'm meeting you

It is maybe
rather than a coincidence
it is a scarier faith
the laughing
sky's color, what happened to it?
even if it's the first time
it's strange
I'm missing it

Your Voice
i've been listening

if you pass through the hot night
one time you will know
yah, singing

that is why I
was believing

la la la la

la la la ...

Each of one is true
even the sight in front of me
i won't forget
I admired

beyond the smile
you feel crying
I was always waiting

the miracle i got from a far place
in a town continuing with red roofs
near the sea
overflowed with children's dreams
It was shining

My voice, turn into a wind
i don't need words anymore
la la la la
You start to hear it

by remembering your song

I can pass through a lonely night
same as now

i won't forget
i'm happy, i came

la la la la
la la la...

good bye
thank you for power of love
your heaven
Translation credit


  1. pesawat nie start macam kump indie band.. se angkatan dengan kump macam hujan, couple, dengan bunkfce... yang lagu yui nie aku ada dengar lagu2 dia yang lama2.. dulu, yang baru nie belum lagilah, aku tahu sebab budak bilik aku dulu minat lagi nie.. huhu


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