Saturday, 12 March 2011

'Beady Eye' After Oasis Split

Oasis is gone but come Beady Eye

Beady Eye was formed by the other three core members of the 1999-2009 incarnation of Oasis, namely singer Liam Gallagher, guitarist Gem Archer, and bassist Andy Bell who switched back to guitar in Beady Eye, together with live drummer Chris Sharrock, who became a full time member of the new groupJe.ff Wootton and Matt Jones will perform live bass and keyboard duties.

Released Singles:-
  1. Bring The Light
  2. Four Letter Word
  3. The Roller

Debut Album Different Gear, Still Speeding released on 28 February 2011.

"I feel I'm in the best band that is on this planet, right here today,"
-Liam Gallagher

Enjoy,Beady Eye-The Roller

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