Wednesday, 23 March 2011

What's New in Firefox 4

Browsing Made Easy

-Awesome Bar

-Improved Interface

Tabs on Top
Firefox Button (Windows and Linux)
Bookmark Button


App Tabs
Organize your Tabs with Panorama

-Easy Search

Integrated Web Search
Smart Keywords

High Performance

-Super Speed

-Real World Performance

-Hardware Acceleration

Advanced Security

-Instant Web Site ID

-Content Security Policy


The Cutting Edge

-Newest Web Technologies

-Upgrading Forms

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-Next-Generation Graphics

-Stylin’ Pages with CSS3

And A lot More


  1. dtg dr egng blogger.. sbb awk blogger plg frenly.. hehehe.. walau apa pon..
    sy tetap suka google crome! eheheh

  2. mozilla firefox is well know browser in the world.. record also show that it's ability to kill other browser... aku suka sangat guna mozilla firefox 4 nie sb interfacenya hampir sama dgn google chrome.. chrome asyik crash..


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