Saturday, 5 March 2011

RANGO 10 Mac 2011

Ini aku ada filem baik punya.Filem Rango.Dari director 'Pirates Of Caribbean'dan suara watak utama oleh Johnny Deep,mesti best!

Rango is a chameleon who lives in a terrarium and constantly seeks to fit in with his surroundings.He finds himself removed from his contemporary American southwest surroundings and ends up in an Old West town in the middle of the Mojave Desert called Dirt, which is populated by various desert critters garbed like characters out of Western fiction. Thinking himself a hero, Rango establishes himself as the town's Sheriff, not knowing that people who have held that title do not fare very well in Dirt. In "an existential crisis", Rango comes to question everything about himself.

Watch Rango Trailer

Malaysia 10 March 2011


  1. singgah sini =)

    sejak iklan rango keluar kat wayang memang tertunggu2 cite ni..

  2. filem johnny deep berlakon mesti best..xsabar nak tengok~

  3. Macam best je citer Rango ni.. kena tengok nnti tapi ada masa ke?? Huhuhu..

  4. wahhh..mcm mnrik jer cter 2......

  5. JOHNNY DEPP..!!!!
    kena download nie..
    opss..kena tngok nie..hehe


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